Even heaven cries

There are times when you feel that you don't know where you fit in
So you hide what is real even when it hurts you pretend
To be the one that you think everybody wants you tobe
No one sees
The one you really are
But you don't have to hide your heart
Cause nothing bout you needs to change
Somtimes it might seem hard
And your wohle world falls apart
Just know that when you feel that way (that) I

Even heaven cries
Everybody cries
It's ok to doubt
Yourself sometimes
You don't have to be afraid
Of what you fear inside
It's alright,it's alright
Cause even haven cries

When you look in the mirror,and you don't see picturs perfect
Did what I say break your heart and make you feel that you're not worth it
Wanna disappear,hide your heart
Your're a miracle in every way
Somtimes it might seem hard
And your whole word falls apart
Just know that when you hear the rain (that)


No you're not alone
Don't be ashamed
To let your feelings show
You should realize
You're special who you are
In time you're gonna see...
Son't realize (that)


3.7.07 13:58

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